The Best Flower Arrangements to Gift This Christmas

With the festive season on our doorstep, you’re going to need a lot of flowers for all the dinners, parties, and events that you have to attend. A birthday here and there, and you’ll be desperate for new, fresh ideas and beautiful flowers that are going to help you celebrate this season properly. A Better Florist has a few suggestions for you, on how to bring the spirit of Christmas into your flowers, and stand out no matter where you go, with flowers who’ll tell the story of Christmas.

1. Gentle Yet Festive

Try something other than poinsettias this season, and bring Christmas spirit into the room with a bouquet of gentle white dahlias, spray roses, black sabiosas and lush greenery, and you’ll hit the jackpot. You’re going to have a beautiful, festive bouquet on you, but at the same time, it won’t be traditional and boring.

2. Roses and Pine cones

If you still want to go with the classic rose bouquet, try asking your florist to mix things up. Go for roses that have a deep, wine red colour, and add a few pine cones into the bouquet, in order to validate that it is the season to be jolly. It’s beautiful, romantic, powerful yet has a little bit of traditional between the beautiful petals, that are going to draw attention right to your bouquet.

3. Winter Wonderland

Want to go for something different from the traditional red and green? Go for white elegance, and a lush bouquet of white tulips, spray roses and ranunculus. It’s a beautiful table centrepiece, but also a sophisticated flower arrangement to gift to your family.

4. White Statement

Love poinsettias and want them in your arrangement? There’s no reason to avoid them, just because you can see a red poinsettia bouquet on every corner. Try switching it up with a combination of white roses and white poinsettias. This bouquet will definitely make a powerful impression on anyone you gift it to.

5. Luxurious Combo

Want to combine the most beautiful blooms into one fantastic and festive arrangement? Ask your florist to combine ranunculus, roses and hanging amaranthus, and you’ll have in your hands the most powerful statement of all times.

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