Creating A Love That Lasts

Flowers are the Universal messenger of love. They help you convey your feelings and extend your wishes when words fail you. Even the most difficult and complex of feelings can be expressed with beautiful bunch of flowers. Especially, when it is about conveying love for the special someone! Whether it is the first love that needs to be commemorated or your 50th marriage anniversary, nothing says ‘I Love You’ better than the flowers!


Tulips represent the feelings of first love. The innocent romance of first love or the crazy feeling of saying ‘I love you’ for the first time, nothing express them better than a tulip bouquet. The dainty flowers and sweet sublime fragrance celebrate the delicate phase of first love while making your beloved feel even more special.


What can be better way than a rose bouquet to express your love and feelings towards your special someone? Go for classic red rose bouquet to enchant your loved one with the sweet fragrance and vibrant color. Enhance the romance between you and your special someone with roses! Red is also the color of passion and unwavering commitment, which makes the red roses certainly the go-to option to declare your love!

Peruvian Lilies

The dainty and beautiful Peruvian lilies are the symbol of undying commitment, love and devotion towards each other. Add them to the mixed flower bouquet by MayaFlowers or team them up with soft toys, greeting card, chocolate gift boxes or imported gift basket for extra special effect!

Flowers for Platonic Love

Love isn’t always romantic and doesn’t have to be intimate either. Friends can love each other in a platonic way and so do family members too. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sister’s Day and birthdays of family members are certain days and occasions, which demand you to proclaim your love without going overboard with the flowers. For such special moments, choose the right flowers!

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